Led by internationally acclaimed hospitality expert Michel Noblet, who is also the author of “50 Years of Vacation” evOps is a specialized hotel development consultancy that offers a range of strategic technical, operational and financial advisory services to both hotel owners and operators. In the hotel business, while operators are hunting for new projects, owners are searching for reliable operators. But how do they find each other? The great advantage is we at evOps already know them, we just have to let them know where to go. With an extensive regional and global network, we are your perfect partner in hotel development…..


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evOps is owned and led by hotelier par excellence Michel P. J. Noblet who has over 55 years of outstanding experience in the industry. He is the Chairman of evOps Hotel Consultancy. Michel ranks among the most influential hoteliers in the Middle East…



We offer hotel development consulting services to both owners and operators in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. With a focused, practical and up-to-the-minute advice we help you to achieve your objectives in the most efficient way. In today’s economic environment, change is routine in the hotel business. Dealing with it successfully requires vision, expertise and strategic guidance from specialists. At evOps we help you to not only understand and embrace change, but prosper from it.


Having over five decades of outstanding experience with some of the most successful hospitality groups across the world, we understand the industry inside out. In a fiercely competitive hotel market, hotel owners and investors are faced with the biggest challenge how to make their project profitable. Over the years, ground-breaking systems in communication and analytics optimized operations and transformed technology from a supporting tool into a strategic weapon.



We provide bespoke and innovative pre-opening consultancy to clients. Pre-opening phase of a hotel is one of the most crucial periods