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Specialized in Hotel Development & Operations Consultancy to Optimize Investment, Maximize Value, and Minimize Risk for New, Upcoming, and Existing Hotels across the Middle East and Central Asia.

About Company

Behind great hotels are great people


Comprehensive Planning

Our team meticulously plans every aspect of hotel development business, from site selection and architectural design to operational setup, ensuring a seamless and successful project execution.


Tailored Solutions

We understand that each hotel project is unique. Our consultants provide customized solutions that cater to the specific needs and goals of each client, ensuring optimal outcomes and maximizing return on investment.


Sustainable Practices

We prioritize sustainability for hotel development projects, integrating eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient technologies to guide hotels that are not only luxurious but also environmentally responsible.
Years of Experience

With decades of hotel industry experience, our experts, led by our Chairman Michel Noblet, provide invaluable insights and solutions, driving the success of each hotel development from concept to completion.

Our Services

Exploring hotel business through our Services

Unlock the full potential of your hotel project with our comprehensive services. From strategic planning to sustainable development, we provide the expertise and insights needed to transform your vision into reality.

Business Intelligence

Harness the power of data with our Business Intelligence services. We provide actionable insights and analytics to drive strategic decisions and optimize hotel performance.

Investment Analysis

Maximize your returns with our Investment Analysis services. We evaluate the financial viability of your hotel projects, ensuring informed and profitable investment decisions.

Design Assessment

Ensure excellence in every detail with our Design Assessment services. Our experts review and optimize architectural and interior designs to enhance functionality and guest experience.

Research & Feasibility

Validate your hotel projects with our comprehensive Feasibility studies. We assess market potential and operational requirements to ensure project success and sustainability.


Our experience and expertise are the main reasons why clients choose us



Explore Michel Noblet’s remarkable journey over the years.

Discover how Michel Noblet’s leadership and strategic vision along with his team’s support and expertise led to the success of hundreds of landmark hotel projects across the globe. Here is a glimpse of some…



At EVOPS DMCC Hotel Consultancy, we combine industry expertise with innovative strategies to deliver exceptional hotel development solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures the success of every project we undertake.

Company History
Founded by hospitality visionary Michel Noblet, EVOPS DMCC has a rich history of transforming hotel concepts into reality. With decades of experience, we have become a trusted partner for hotel owners and operators worldwide.
Company Mission
Our mission is to provide unparalleled hotel development consultancy services that drive growth and success for our clients. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable, innovative, and profitable hospitality ventures.
Growth Objective
Our growth objective is to expand our global footprint by continuously enhancing our service offerings and strengthening client relationships. We aim to set new standards in the hotel development industry through relentless innovation and excellence.
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