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Welcome to the this special page where we celebrate the illustrious career and extraordinary journey of Michel P.J. Noblet, the Owner and Chairman of EVOPS Hotel Consultancy. Michel has documented his experiences and insights in two compelling books that offer a deep dive into his professional life, his passion for the hospitality industry, and the adventures that have shaped his remarkable career. Both books were first published by Editions Melibee in French and were subsequently translated into English. They are available for purchase on Amazon.

50 Years of Vacation

50 Years of Vacation is a professional autobiography of Michel P.J. Noblet, written to commemorate the centenary of the Toulouse Hotel School in 2016. As one of the school’s most renowned alumni, Michel celebrated his 50-year career in the hospitality industry in the same year. This book traces Michel’s journey from his humble beginnings in the provincial neighborhood of Saint Gaudens in France to his professional success in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai.


Michel’s passion for the hotel industry ignited during his youth, and his graduation from the prestigious l’Ecole Hoteliere de Toulouse in 1965 marked the beginning of an extraordinary career spanning five continents. His journey is a kaleidoscope of challenges, adventures, and sometimes doubtful situations, filled with encounters with Kings, Princes, Sheikhs, Managing Directors, CEOs, employees, refugees, fugitives, and Bedouins. It is a story tinged with achievements, successes, failures, and frustrations — a fascinating professional life driven by a consuming passion for hospitality.

From Saint Gaudens to Samarkand: A Hotelier’s Tale of Success

From Saint Gaudens to Samarkand: A Hoteliers Tale of Success also chronicles Michel P.J. Noblets journey from his provincial roots in Saint Gaudens to becoming a celebrated figure in the global hospitality industry. The sacred fire of the hotel business ignited his ambition as a teenager. After graduating from the hotel school in Toulouse, Michel embarked on a journey filled with diverse experiences and discoveries.


This book takes readers through Michels travels across the world, from Paris and London to Dakar, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Sydney, and beyond. Along the way, he encountered powerful and humble people alike, including Kings, Princes, Sheikhs, decision-makers, employees, refugees, and Bedouins.


From Saint Gaudens to Samarkand, Michels journey is inherent to an exciting professional life, marked by devouring passions and a daring spirit. This tale captures the essence of a hotelier who loves to take risks and succeed in the dynamic world of hospitality.

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